Home made cooking

If you are in this page it's because you want to know more about us. Well, if so, we won't let you down.

We are a vegetarian restaurant, we like variety and home cooking, there is nothing that excites us more than sharing our passion with you. Eggplant croquettes, onion quiche, soups and lentils are some of our most popular dishes, but the favorite of our faithful is undoubtedly gazpacho.

The word client has disappeared from our vocabulary, because after almost 20 years we have made our restaurant become our second home, creating a great family. Don't suffer if you are lactose intolerant or vegan, in the Buffet Verd we understand your needs and that's why you will find dishes that suit you. We've forget! If you are one of those who are all day up and down, don't worry we have tuppers so you can take away our food.

You don't believe it? Come check it out. We wait for you with the door open and well-filled dishes!


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